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                  Water Treatment Renfrew, Ontario

                  Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. specializes in water treatment solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Southern Ontario. Our company delivers superior residential, industrial, and commercial products and services to customers in and around Renfrew, Burnstown, Cobden, Eganville, Balaclava, Barryvale, Shawville, Ottawa, and surrounding cities. No matter what your water filtration needs are, Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. is your one stop shop. Our water treatment specialists in Renfrew will provide you with top notch commercial, industrial, and residential products and services because we have over 21 years of experience. With this much expertise, there isn't a commercial, industrial, or residential water filtration solution that we cannot design, install and/or repair.

                  Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. offers residential water filtration solutions to areas in and around Renfrew, Burnstown, Balaclava, Cobden, Eganville, Barryvale, Shawville, Ottawa, and surrounding cities. Our expert and fully licensed water treatment technicians in Renfrew have been professionally trained and are equipped with the knowledge to provide all your residential water treatment needs. If you have been noticing that the water in your Southern Ontario house has a foul smell, there could be iron and/or sulphur deposits in your tap water. These elements can be harmful to your health so please do not hesitate and contact our water treatment specialists in Renfrew today! There are many products and services available for your residential property. Please read below to see some of the products and services that Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. offers.

                  • Residential iron removal systems
                  • Residential water softeners
                  • Residential reverse osmosis (RO) systems
                  • Residential sulphur removal systems
                  • Residential water system design & implementation

                  In addition to supplying water filtration solutions to residential properties, Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. also provides commercial water treatment systems in and around Renfrew, Barryvale, Burnstown, Balaclava, Cobden, Eganville, Shawville, Ottawa, and surrounding cities. Do you own a commercial business that requires high quality water in order for your process to run smoothly? Here is a list of commercial businesses that benefit from high quality, clean, fresh, and filtered water from Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc.

                  • Wineries
                  • Breweries
                  • Hotels
                  • Restaurants
                  • Seafood manufacturers
                  • Nursing homes
                  • And other commercial businesses!

                  Please do not hesitate to contact our water treatment specialists in Renfrew as we can provide a free and no obligation water analysis at your commercial property to determine what water purification solution you may require. Our team of commercial water treatment specialists in Renfrew will design and install a commercial water treatment system custom-tailored with your specific water filtration needs in mind. Should you require, our water treatment crew is fully equipped to troubleshoot and repair your commercial water treatment system to ensure that it is up to date and fully functional. In addition, our water treatment specialists in Renfrew will assist you by providing all the knowledge you need to maintain your commercial water treatment system. Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. has a huge selection of products and services for commercial business owners:

                  • Commercial water softeners
                  • Commercial reverse osmosis (RO) systems
                  • Commercial UV systems
                  • Commercial iron removal systems
                  • Commercial sulphur removal systems
                  • Commercial water system design & implementation

                  In addition to delivering commercial water treatment systems, Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. offers industrial water treatment systems. Our water treatment specialists in Renfrew possess extensive skills and knowledge to successfully design, install, and repair your industrial water treatment system. There are many advantages to using Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc.'s industrial water treatment systems:

                  • Decreased energy use
                  • Decreased equipment maintenance costs
                  • Decreased operating costs
                  • Time savings with the elimination of low flow rates
                  • Reduced process down-time

                  Our water treatment specialists in Renfrew have been designing, installing, and repairing industrial water treatment systems for over 21 years in Southern Ontario. Their extensive experience makes our water treatment specialists in Renfrew second to none. Furthermore, our water treatment specialists in Renfrew offer a wide variety of industrial water treatment systems:

                  • Industrial water softeners
                  • Industrial iron removal systems
                  • Industrial sulphur removal systems
                  • Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems
                  • Industrial system design & implementation
                  • Industrial ultraviolet (UV) sterilization systems

                  At Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. we aim to provide the best industrial, residential, and commercial water treatment products and services along with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Our water treatment specialists in Renfrew can help make sure that you are receiving the highest quality water so that no matter your residential, commercial, or industrial application, you will not have to worry about the quality of your water. Your residential, commercial, and/or industrial building's water supply will have high quality water thanks to our reliable, durable and consistent products and services. You can trust Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. as we have over 21 years of expert experience and have been providing superior quality commercial, industrial, and residential water treatment systems around the areas of Renfrew, Balaclava, Barryvale, Burnstown, Eganville, Cobden, Shawville, Ottawa, and surrounding cities.


                  We want to let you know how happy we are with our new Hills & Valley Water System residential reverse osmosis system. We've had it for about a month and are very happy with the clean and fresh water our home is now receiving. Hills & Valley's technicians installed our reverse osmosis system in a timely fashion, and with little intrusion. We are a family of 7, and our busy household requires water service with no interruption. We have not experienced any water pressure drop since our new reverse osmosis system was installed, even during the busiest times of day when our water usage is more pronounced! The water pressure is much stronger, and the water flow is more consistent, than what our old reverse osmosis system offered. We love the overall efficiency of our new reverse osmosis system, and look forward to many years of use!

                  Allison H. and family, Russell, Ontario

                  The water in our new home was terrible so we had Errol install a water treatment system and RO. He installed quality equipment, worked diligently, and brought expertise and knowledge to his work. He pays attention to detail and was meticulous with the install. Couldn't get over how soft our skin became; not to mention how the appliances/faucets will be saved. Having an RO is so convenient too. Would definitely call again.....Highly recommended!

                  Morris in Victoria Harbour, Toronto, Ontario

                  We were just about to recondition our existing system with another company when we brought Errol in for a second opinion. He was professional and very knowledgeable of the products and took the time to explain to us why our curry rent system was not working and how his recommendation for us made sense. The installation was smooth and we now feel a huge difference with our skin, hair even our fridge ice cubes are clear as we were told they should be if our system was working properly. We are so glad we have this new system and happy that now have hot water on demand.. something we thought we could never have with our water being so bad. I will be recommending this company to anyone looking for something that works is expected to work for years to come.

                  Nadia, Toronto, Ontario

                  Showed up early. Friendly. Great product. Great service. Follow up phone call next day to make sure satisfied with work. Would definitely call again and recommend!

                  Eric B., Ottawa, Ontario
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